Passing on a legacy

When someone dies in the UK, their executors, family or personal representatives must apply to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate. This gives them the authority to deal with all the deceased’s assets, accounts and liabilities, whether they left a will or not. 

We can help make the entire probate process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. 

If you are handling an uncomplicated estate, with a will in place, then you could administer it yourself. A simple Grant of Probate might be all you need, which we can help you obtain.

If the estate is more complicated, with multiple assets and beneficiaries, then you will probably need more help with all the valuations, bank accounts, letters, applications, transfers, certificates and various taxes. 

You’ll find our fees are usually more reasonable than those charged by solicitors or banks. And we’ll make sure your loved one’s estate is transferred fairly.

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Do you have your will in place?

Applying for probate and organising your assets will be far more difficult for your beneficiaries if you have not made a will. It could be that much more of your estate will go to the government. 

We can help you obtain a professional, legally-compliant will that reflects your personal circumstances. Get in touch to take the first step.  

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