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Whether you’re a sole trader, contractor, company director or a large-scale business owner, we provide tailored accounting solutions to help you gain clarity and efficiency with your accounts and finances.

Working in farming is a career like no other. In a sector affected as much by environmental and biological factors as it is by the economy, it’s important to stay on top of your incomings and outgoings and plan for the future.

We can help with cash flow forecasts and business plans that will help increase the chances of success for your applications for external funding and grants. 

We can also manage your pension plan, explain transfers of assets to minimise inheritance tax, and through standard bookkeeping we can save business tax when accounting for stock and valuation, capital allowance and agricultural business expenses.

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Your priority is to make sure the funds you receive from donations go towards your charity. You want to help the people or cause you work so hard for, and at the same time look after your staff and keep your office running.

Charities and non-profit organisations face increasing legislation, but you can get special exemptions or allowances from HM Revenue & Customs. 

We can help you to claim back gift aid from HMRC and work closely with you to make sure you are making the most of every penny you raise.

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We have many years of experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of the construction industry. Whether you are a large building company, a supplier, a contractor or sub-contractor, a consultant or any other professional within the field, we know every detail of the issues you face regarding cash flow, taxes, payments and accounting.

As well as being able to assist you with all aspects of bookkeeping, accounts and taxation regulations, we can help you with your payroll process, PAYE, CIS submissions, IR35 and compliance with all HMRC regulations. Keeping you on the right side of the revenue whilst ensuring you are still at your most profitable.

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Contractor accounting services
are for those who wish to stay compliant with HMRC rules and only pay the proper amount of tax due. 

We’ll look closely at what you need in your business and run through everything to make sure your accounts and taxes are in order.

Our package includes:

  • Company formation
  • Easy access to specialist brokers for help with contractor mortgages
  • IR35 advice


Being an expert in your field is a valuable asset, and the ability to pass on your knowledge to others is a key skill. A lot of teaching staff are directly employed by schools or local authorities, but those of you who are working as a contractor or on a freelance basis may now need to run their payments through an umbrella company to ensure compliance with HMRC and IR35 regulations.

Whether you are a teacher, lecturer, consultant or a private tutor, or also involved in educational admin and support, we are able to take the burden of accounts and tax calculations off your shoulders. We’ll ensure that you are reporting exactly as necessary to HMRC, paying the right amount of tax and planning ahead with your pension.

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In the detailed and precise world of engineering, efficiency and accuracy are key. We can bring clarity to your accounting, whether you are a self-employed consultant or a larger firm involved with design, manufacturing and production.

Complications around payroll, national insurance and pensions can become a thing of the past, and we can use our integrated, cloud-based financial software to ensure your accounts are compiled and presented on time, every time.

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As more organisations are outsourcing the management of their buildings, grounds and assets, we have seen a rise in demand for
property management accounting

Private companies managing land, parks, halls and homes are dealing with maintenance, tenants, events and more, with a mixture of permanent and temporary staff arrangements.

We can help you manage your books efficiently and deal with your payroll, whether your employees are directly employed by you or contractors. 

We can handle all issues to do with national insurance, PAYE/income tax, accounting, VAT and general bookkeeping to make sure you are all compliant and correct.

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Whether you are sourcing locally or internationally, making raw products, serving cooked food or negotiating with supermarkets, we understand how you need to adhere to strict safety regulations and procedures at every step of the food chain. Doing things the right way can sometimes cost more, but it’s worth it.

We can bring clarity to your accounting, so you can easily see where your margins are best, where your costs are going up or down, and what changes you should make in the future. 

Most importantly, we can ensure you pay the right amount of tax. Online apps mean you can invoice clients and check accounts on the go, wherever you are.

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Looking after others often places great demands on your time and energy, and dealing with accounts, payments and admin can fall down your list of priorities. 

Accounting for healthcare is imperative to make sure you’re making the most of your time and money. 

We’ve been helping all kinds of practitioners across the healthcare sector stay on top of their accounting, and we can do so for you, too. 

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Consultants
  • GP Practices
  • Care Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists 
  • And More…


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The general increase in lifestyle convenience has also fed the rise in people wanting to look after themselves more and more. New and easier ways to eat out, pamper yourself and visit the gym have led to a lot of growth in these sectors, and a lot of new businesses opening to meet demand.

A high volume of transactions means that you have to be agile and online when it comes to serving people in these businesses. 

Our integrated software can help you to keep your reporting up-to-the minute and makes submitting accounts and tax returns to HMRC very easy.

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Technology has moved a long way in recent years to become embedded in our everyday lives. If you’re involved with IT and telecoms, it’s highly likely you are already making the best use of cloud-based systems to run your invoicing, accounting and payments.

We can offer financial advice to make sure you are paying the right amount of business and personal tax, that your pension plan is up-to-date and you are meeting your obligations to your employees. And our integrated software makes it simple to stay on top of everything.

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This fast-paced and high-profile sector leaves no room for any mistakes. One single breach of regulations can negatively impact your profile and career, and HMRC needs no reason to start an investigation into your accounts and tax returns.

We can work with you to ensure your accounts and returns are presented accurately, efficiently and on time, so you avoid any penalties or investigations while paying only the amount of tax that you need to. 

As a sports person, we can help you claim for the correct mileage on travel, subscriptions, accommodation and training expenses, as well as accounting for the correct tax on image rights and royalties.

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Every detail counts when it comes to working with clients, allocating your time and calculating your incomings and outgoings. As providers of professional services ourselves, we understand the issues you face, not only with working in your clients’ best interests, but also in careful billing and meticulous attention to itemised costs and overheads.

We will take the time to understand you and your business, ensuring we deliver a tailored, integrated service encompassing financial accounting, personal and corporate tax planning, and business advice. We thrive on a collaborative approach that aims to meet all your needs.

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